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{Literally} changing the face of Venture Capital

Our Belief.

Entrepreneurs come from everywhere. Any background, geography, ethnicity, upbringing, or belief system. They are outliers, taking risks to solve big problems.

Entrepreneurialism and potential are equally distributed, but venture capital is not. Included builds diverse networks within excluded entrepreneurial communities to solve this inequality. We want outlier VCs to invest in outlier entrepreneurs.

If you want to pursue a career within the VC industry, Included VC was created for you.
Venture Capital Today.

The venture capital industry backs outliers and technology entrepreneurs who can change the world. However, traditional methods of pattern recognition and 'warm introductions' limit diversity and reduce exposure to many of the most talented entrepreneurs.

While teams with different skills and backgrounds are proven to outperform on almost every metric, diversity still falls far behind in both venture capital staff and investment diversity.

Included VC was created to address this gap.
In 2018, less than 1% of VC funding raised by European startups went to all female-founded companies.
VC Partners
Non-white Partners account for only 20% of all VC Partners in the US.
Of all the founders that raised funding in 2019 in Europe, 0.5% identified as Black, 1.4% Middle Eastern & 4.1% as Asian.
Only 23% of investors at all levels in the US identify as people of colour.

The Included VC mission is to change the face of the VC industry, dramatically increasing diversity and maximising fund success by transforming networks, staff, dealflow and investments.

We are committed to creating effective multi-generational change.

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Keep in touch regarding our open access learning pathway launching soon, and our efforts for diversity within Venture Capital!
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